How we attended the ISEV 2022 Annual Meeting in Lyon, France

On 25-29 May, two of our MARVEL partners, CNR SCITEC ‘Giulio Natta’ and HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd, attended the ISEV2022 Annual Meeting in Lyon, France. This year the meeting brought together more than 1100 top researchers and scientists from 47 countries working in the expansive field of Extracellular vesicles. 24 exhibitors, 38 oral sessions, and 37 poster sessions and this is not the full list of the performed activities at the ISEV2022. 

From our side, CNR SCITEC ‘Giulio Natta’ contributed with two posters entitled “Comparing digital detection platforms in High sensitivity immune-phenotyping of Extracellular Vesicles” and “Hydrophobic effects in membrane sensing peptides for small Extracellular Vesicles isolation and analysis”. In addition to this, our project coordinator, Marina Cretich, gave a talk about “Advances in Single Vesicle Analysis” at the Education Day, which was a part of this meeting.

Another MARVEL partner, HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd, participated in the ISEV meeting in its dual virtue of research-intensive and commercially active innovator in the Extracellular Vesicles (EVs) field. Our MARVEL senior scientist Andres Lõhmus, presented a poster entitled “Microbead-based isolation of EVs from urine provides high specificity and effective yield with minimal co-isolation of contaminants” in the Late-Breaking Poster Session: technologies and Methods. This poster highlighted the state of the art of commercial-grade affinity isolation tools for urine EVs, evidencing the features of beads-based immunoisolation methods in providing superior purity and separation from common urinary contaminants. The same poster was presented and discussed within HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd booth in which the company marketing and scientific expert team presented the wide repertory of Life Science tools and reagents, encompassing, while not limiting to reference standards (recombinant fluorescent EVs or blood-derived EVs and nanoparticles), purification devices (i.e. portable TFF systems), integrated EV immunoisolation and analysis kits for EV proteins and nucleic acids ( In such a way HansaBioMed Life Sciences Ltd, the oldest EV company globally, with over 15 years of activity focused on progressing the EVs field, confirmed its presence also on the 10th annual ISEV meeting!

Looking forward to the ISEV 2023 Annual Meeting which will take place in North America next year.